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Shipping Terms
Payment Terms & Methods

Freight terms FOB Fort Worth, TX. The supplier cannot ship outside the US.

Buyer pays all freight charges.

Bidder is responsible for arranging pick up and paying for freight.

Inventory will be available for pick up within 1/2 working days after payment is received.

Please note below pick up requirements:
RadioShack requested the stock  to be collected within 48 hours of notification by FreeFlow of shipment collection details.

At the time of pick up every carrier driver must have the paperwork – BOL(S) confirming the below information otherwise the stock will not be released:

  1. BL(S) to pick up
  2. Pick up reference number (PO#) . Note the pickup will not be possible with just a PO number.
  3. Company delivering for
  4. Address of target destination - Please note that the delivery address on the FreeFlow invoice must match the address supplied to RadioShack on the BOL for order collection.  Discrepancies in address detail will result in the order not being released to the carrier for collection.  Also if the vendors do not notify FreeFlow of the address change before the payment has been submitted the order will not be released.

Please make sure the pickup is organized for full shipments.
RadioShack is held liable if the shipment is to be split and there is a reason as to why RadioShack informs liquidators of pallet counts and weights and there will be NO exceptions made.

With this being said it is very  imperative that the liquidators also understand the urgency of picking the shipments up in a timely manner. Please make sure the  pickup is done asap as this hinders RadioShack’s process.

Effective immediately pickups must be made in a vehicle that is capable of accepting full Gaylord/palletized shipments.
Vendors are not allowed to enter the premises in cars, pickups, SUVs or other personal transportation vehicles that are not able to accept full pallet transfers.
Vendors are not allowed to break down palletized Gaylord shipments into smaller packages for loading into vehicles.
Vendors must accept the prepared Gaylords/pallets as is. Also splitting one order or one BL and releasing to two different carriers will not be allowed.
Personal vehicles and flat bed trailers are not acceptable.

Multiply BL’s – Orders are pre-packed and consolidating few BL’s onto one pallet will not be possible. Small Shipments – All BL’s are on pallet/pallets and RadioShack will not ship boxes only. Pick up has to be arrange for the full pallet/pallets. Large Shipments – If double stacking is required buyer has to notify FreeFlow prior to organizing collection, FreeFlow will then authorize RadioShack to do so. Please note that neither FreeFlow or RadioShack are responsible for any issues with double stacked shipments.   

IMPORTANT - Failure to adhere to these terms and agreements will result in cancellation of your membership on www.RadioShackExcess.com and removal from all FreeFlow auction platforms.

Please note there may be situations were shipping terms are unique to a specific BL.  BL-specific terms will take precedence.

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