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RadioShackExcess.com through their RadioShackExcess.com platform allow approved member’s to view, bid & purchase discounted inventory direct from RadioShack. RadioShack along with FreeFlow utilize proxy bidding which forms the underlying bidding process of RadioShackExcess.com.

FreeFlow administer the process on behalf of RadioShack.

All Inventory advertised on RadioShackExcess.com will have a reserve price assigned to it. This will enable the bidding party to ascertain what the minimum expected recovery is on certain items.

Bids have to match or exceed the reserve to guarantee that RadioShack will release the stock.

If bids do not match or exceed the reserve RadioShack reserve the right to award the stock to the highest bidder within 48 hours of the auction closing.

Inventory levels may move slightly and RadioShack reserve the right to allocate the stock based on the level of inventory remaining when the auction closes.

Users can enter a maximum bid on the auctions available on RadioShackExcess.com which ensures that users can re-bid automatically when their initial bids are exceeded.

Users will be notified immediately once the auction closes on the status of their bid.

Once a bid is accepted, the successful bidding member will be contacted by FreeFlow and upon receipt of a Purchase Order and Payment, the Inventory will be dispatched from our clients facility via the preferred carrier of the bidding party.

All Shipments will be FOB.

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